Sunrise Over Ushuaia

Sunrise over Ushuaia, ArgentinaI think I awoke to whale song. You know that distant tone humming from the highway… low, growling? I heard that in the distance this morning. The only thing is, there isn’t much of a highway to speak of in this sleepy little wonder town at the end of the earth.* One of my fellow cruisers said he saw a humpback thundering in the bay yesterday. It was an amazing way to start the day. I just wish whales had the decency to sing at a time other than 3:30 am. Must be have been teenagers.

I arrived in Ushuaia yesterday and the journey was relatively smooth. I had an 8:10 flight and had been encouraged to wait until 6 or 7 to get to the airport, but I’ve been trained to get to a flight 3 hours early. I should have listened. I left the hotel at 5 and was checked-in and through customs by 5:38! Talking to others, things did eventually got busier, but that has to be some sort of record.