What Color is Your Hero?

Dear Friends, PR mavens, typo-hunters and grammar-ninjas,

The following is the rough draft of a press release I am preparing to send out. Can you have a look at it and let me know how to improve it? Of special concern to me is the fact that the release contains racial content, so I am nervous about inadvertently offending someone. I’d like to hear if you think it is OK.

Please leave any suggestions in a comment. Thank you in advance for your time!

For Eventual Release

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What Color is Your Hero?

“Sadly, most students can name more blue superheroes than black,” asserts teacher and children’s book author Greg Tjosvold, “and it is even harder for them to name an Asian-American character in kidlit who isn’t a martial arts expert. In ‘The Cash Converter,’ I deliberately set out to let the reader mentally choose the race of the main character. The results have been intriguing.”