FAQ – My Antarctica Trip

I’m going to add more detail in the coming days and weeks, but here are some quick answers to the most frequently asked questions.


  • Setting foot on every continent has been on my “bucket list” since I was a teenager. For those counting, was before the Internet.
  • To gain first hand experience with an extreme environment; a subject I teach in Grade 6 Science.
  • Penguins are cool.

Why now?

  • My 50th birthday is in June. The trip is a gift from my Mrs.
  • Antarctica is the one continent that is difficult to visit if you have mobility issues later in life, so better sooner than later.
  • A confluence of other circumstances made the timing just seem right.
  • Why not?

Alone or with your wife?

  • Alone. Besides being an expensive trip, Antarctica violates the “too frickin’ cold” clause in our couples travel agreement.

Travel dates?

  • I leave February 6th and return February 25th, if that was what you meant. Otherwise, see previous answer.

What? That’s only three weeks. Why are you off from January to September?

  • The only way to do the trip was to take a personal leave. I intend to use the remaining time to write. I currently have two non-fiction books I should be working on, which explains why I am writing this unrelated blog post.

What tour company?

  • Quark Expeditions aboard the Sea Spirit. It is a corporeal cruise ship, for those paying attention.

How much?

Can I come?

  • Actually yes. I am in a triple accommodation suite and last I heard there might have been room. Call Quark. Note: I am bringing earplugs and they are not for me. Consider yourself warned.

Any side-trips planned?

  • I hope to visit my lovely daughter in Montevideo, Uruguay when I stop over in Buenos Aries on my return trip.
  • Does Newark count?

Can you bring me a penguin?

  • No. Just no. Who do I look like, Mr. Popper? I will try to take pictures though.