Seasonal Worksheet Packages

Crossword PreviewIn the early 2000’s I  ran a site called that provided classroom worksheet packages related to holidays and the seasons. I am happy to present those packages, and other resources, on Teachers Pay Teachers! Follow the banner below.

Each thematic package typically contains the following worksheets based around the same set of vocabulary:

  • Alphabetical
  • Crossword
  • Decoder – Letters
  • Decoder – Numbers
  • Lined
  • Matching
  • Missing Consonants
  • Missing Letters
  • Missing Vowels
  • Word Jumble – Split
  • Word Jumble
  • Word Links
  • Word Search – Small
  • Word Search – Medium
  • Word Search – Large
  • Word Shapes
  • Vocabulary Brainstorm

Answer key pages are included. Enjoy!

For more “just for fun” puzzles, see our “Party Puzzles” here.

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