The Cash Converter

“Sometimes magic arrives on fairy dust. Other times it is summoned on the lips of believers. Once in a while it is a gift from some gray-haired old sage – usually in the form of a sword or an amulet or some equally impractical gift for a 12-year-old. But for Jason Lee, resident of 100 Main St., somewhere-not-too-important, the magic arrived in a plain brown box, off the back of a rather plain brown truck, delivered by a person in a rather plain brown uniform. The cash converter arrived by accident.

What would you do if you could convert anything… or anyone… into cold hard cash?”

Greg Tjosvold is a teacher, writer, and innovator. One of the first to crowdsource his biography, he is apparently 12 ft tall, has no body fat, is always polite, and is the only living recipient of an Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Stanley Cup, Pulitzer, and two Nobel prizes (Economics and Break Dancing). He is currently reevaluating the merits of crowdsourcing.

He is the father of two amazing children and currently lives with his wonderful wife in the wilds of suburban Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.