Hitting the Paper(less) Trail

Antarctica - Online FormsAfter working out yesterday’s angst, I decided to follow up with some necessary self-flagellation paperwork. (Didn’t I take a personal leave from teaching to get away from this stuff?!) To make a short story long, the forms that Quark Expeditions requires each passenger to fill out actually did seem necessary (e.g. emergency contact information) and more importantly, were actually relatively easy to fill out online.

A few things I learned:

  • You will need your passport and doctor’s contact information handy.
  • You should know your chest size. Each passenger on my cruise to Antarctica will receive (and get to keep) a parka. This is a real relief to me as it means significantly more space available in my luggage on the trip down.
    However, as someone unfamiliar with his actual chest measurement, it led to a rather comically scene involving an internet cable wrapped around my moobs chest and a flailing tape measure. Ultimately, I found out I was right between two sizes. I chose the smaller size and renewed my commitment to suck it in in public exercise.
  • On a technical note, be sure to hit the submit button after each section. I actually filled out about four sections before I even saw the submit button (it was hidden off the screen to the right), and when I finally did hit it, the system only saved one section completely. I had to start over. Maybe it was a minor technical glitch or an issue with Google Chrome? Regardless, saving section by section solved the issue.
  • Sadly sometimes doing work creates more work. (It reminded me of what Gretchen Rubin refers to as “boomerang errands” in The Happiness Project.) Having skimmed read the cruise contract to sign off that part of the online paperwork, I was left questioning whether or not I needed any visas or immunizations. I seem to remember reading elsewhere that I do not, but that’s not the kind of thing you want to leave to a failing memory or until the last moment. More research required.

Greg Tjosvold is a teacher, writer, and innovator. One of the first to crowdsource his biography, he is apparently 12 ft tall, has no body fat, is always polite, and is the only living recipient of an Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Stanley Cup, Pulitzer, and two Nobel prizes (Economics and Break Dancing). He is currently reevaluating the merits of crowdsourcing.

He is the father of two amazing children and currently lives with his wonderful wife in the wilds of suburban Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.