10 Tips for Visiting Maui That Noone Else Will Tell You

1. Bring your Costco card

If you are like me, you clean out your wallet of cards that you won’t need on your trip. Why carry the extra weight a[and more things to misplace. Not that that ever happens. In your purge, don’t leave your Costco card at home. Maui, one of the Hawaiian Islands, is very condo/b-n-b-centric. To service this market, there is a huge Costco very close to the airport (OGG) in Kahului, not to mention a Wal-Mart and a K-mart.

A quick stop at the start of your trip can save you a ton of money on staples like bottled water, Diet Coke and breakfast foods. OK, OK… I take it back. Everyone will tell you this! We also bought a boogie board and an awesome snorkel mask and fins. The later can be rented, but we found buying convenient and relatively cost effective even though we left the board behind.

Related tip: If you plan to snorkel do it!, drop in to Maui dive shop and get a bottle of anti-fog for your mask. Well worth the $5.

Feb. 18 – Half Moon Island & Heading Home

My last post about Antarctica is coming almost exactly a year after my trip. It seems like yesterday that I was shopping for winter clothing, dealing with the angst of leaving my students behind, and practically vibrating inside with excitement about crossing the “hardest” continent off my to bucket list. Looking back, my wife’s kind and lavish 50th birthday present changed me in ways I did not expect. I am so grateful for the experience.

I am grateful to:

Feb. 18 – Deception Island

Deception Island is a study in black and white – beauty and ugliness, hot and cold, war and peace, pain and healing. I overheard one of our interpreters saying how this was her least favorite part of the cruise, but personally I found it fascinating. It helped put the rest of our Antarctic journey into context for me. It also appealed to the James Bond fan in me. 🙂

What stood out for me: