How Many Herons? FAQ

iTunes How Many Herons screenshotPart “Where’s Waldo” and part nature book, “How Many Herons?” is a counting book meant to introduce students to numbers and number words (one through nineteen) through photographs of a great blue heron rookery in British Columbia, Canada. An iPad/Mac friendly interactive version is available for free via iTunes. A version is also available for your Kindle.


What type of herons are these?

The birds in the photos are great blue herons (Ardea herodias).

How did you find so many?!

Great blue herons nest together in rookeries and I was fortunate to come across this rookery during breeding season. (It was largely a lucky accident that happened while delivering my daughter to the ferry going to Victoria, BC.) Reportedly it is the largest great blue heron rookery in the Canada; right here in the suburbs of Vancouver!

Where is the rookery?