Would it go to Costa Rica?

Adventures in de-junking. Keeping the memory; disposing of the corporeal.

My name is Greg, and I’m a packrat. A recovering packrat, I’d like to think. Packmouse? And yes I hear all of you laughing in disbelief. I love you anyways.

The start of my recovery was triggered last year. My wife and I spent virtually the entire summer of 2014 moving my mother-in-law from a two story home into a tiny retirement apartment. Packing, sorting, donating, and ultimately throwing away literally tons of items nearly killed us. We came away from that experience with a greater appreciation of the appeal of arson vowing never to inflict that same experience on our kids. While I do not think I could ever be a true minimalist, the merits of “less” finally hit my soul in a real way that summer.

However, downsizing will be hard for me. I relish my role as the “thing borrowing library” for my friends and relatives who are minimalists and don’t have what they need half the time. I am also terribly sentimental (McDonald’s Happy Meal toys can be heirlooms, right?), excited by rediscovery (Oh, look what I just found! I wondered where that went!), and actually very creative about my clutter. So downsizing is truly not in my nature and the task is frankly daunting.

So here is what I plan to do: